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Andy Lowe | Merseyside,

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A proven action plan for emerging sales managers and their mentors.

When you want to overcome the three most common pitfalls emerging sales managers face and emerge on purpose into the next phase of your career.

Transition From Sales Contributor to Sales Leader

The must-haves as you transition into your sales management role.

  • Why new leaders fail
  • How to maintain self–accountability
  • The importance of vision-based execution
  • Role versus identify and why it's important
  • Leader questioning skills and operating principles


The transition from sales contributor to sales leader is one of the most important, and challenging, in all of business, yet most people who embark on this journey receive little or no training and support in preparation for it.

–Dave Mattson, Sandler President & CEO

Peter Oliver

Sandler Trainer

Peter Oliver successfully made the climb from salesperson to sales leader, eventually managing an area responsible for growing a software business to the $250 million level. Today, he is a sought-after coach and management consultant helping organizations recruit, assess, hire, train, coach, and manage world class leaders and sales teams who impact direction and results. When he’s not visiting clients, cooking, or looking you up on LinkedIn, he’s loving life in Hawaii with his wife and two daughters.


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